About Kind Agency


To create opportunities for underprivileged and underutilized talents all around the world. This year we want to focus on helping Ukrainians especially.


To deliver quick, reliable and cost-efficient services in design, digital marketing and web development for businesses worldwide.


To empower Ukrainian talents in times of need and help skilled performers around the world engage with the best international projects.

Our Story

War in Ukraine

When the ongoing war knocked on Ukraine’s door, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and stability. Some abandoned Ukraine, others have remained here, though all sensed the appalling impact of the war.

Experts in digital niches

Were most vulnerable to the cutoffs. Marketing departments were the first to lose on demand. The owners of creative agencies were forced to halt business activity.

Anna Hutsul

Thousands of people have appeared on the brink of poverty. The owner of a small marketing agency, Anna Hutsul, was among them. All the projects she managed were domestic. Once the war started, partner companies froze projects and Anna had to dismiss her staff.

Oleh Chuchman

Given all the adversity of the current circumstances, Oleh Chuchman, a young Ukrainian entrepreneur and founder of Ukrany outstaffing company, decided to unite co-citizens in need and help them reach out to the international marketplace so they could regain financial stability.

Plus 972

A well-known branding, marketing, and design agency in New York and its founder Reuben Ben Yehuda, came with an immediate response. Reuben and Oleh created KIND, a socially driven design agency based in Ukraine that creates opportunities for underprivileged and underutilized talent.


Kind Agency enjoys nationwide geography. In Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities - Ukrainians are glad to work with new international projects.

We are proud of all our members devoted to their duties despite the conditions they are prone to live in. In its turn, KIND provides cost-effective services and donates to communities in need.

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