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Competitor`s Ads Info

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What is it?

Competitor`s Ads – it is gatheed information about all ads currently running from across Facebook.

Why do you need this?

By collecting data on your competitors and adapting your own advertising strategy, you can learn how to create the perfect post. It will help you to grabs the attention of your audience, motivates them to interact with your content, and encourages to convert into leads.

What we will do?

Kind Agency will analyze all the advertising campaigns that your one competitor have run on Facebook and Instagram during the latest period. With help of this, you will be able to understand what products and services they promote, and deeply analyze their mistakes. As a result, you will be able to highlight your strengths and weaknesses for better further promotion. You should only provide us with links to the social media of your three main competitors. 

Deliverables: pdf

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Competitor`s Ads Info

Category Tag
Price: $55 per hour
Time: 1 hour


– screenshots of advertisment with statistic
– general analisys

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