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Responsive Audit

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What is it? 

It is an analysis of mobile usability. A few potential issues could cause a site to be shown poorly on mobile devices. When performing a mobile usability audit, it’s important to understand what each of these potential issues is, as well as to fix them so that people can benefit from using it in the best way. 

Why do you need this?

A responsive website design will help to understand if your website is mobile-friendly. Ensuring your site is performing optimally on all devices and screen sizes will help you meet the needs of your mobile users, and will prevent your site from experiencing common usability issues. 

What will we do?

We will figure out possible problems with mobile usability as well as provide info how to fix them. 

Deliverables: doc, pdf

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Responsive Audit

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Price: $55 per hour
Time: 5 hours


– audit
– recommendations
– 1 revision round

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